歷史 Our History 2012-2017


Below are presented the projects/activities which Our Fellow Man Alliance (OFMA) has supported with donations. 



國泰醫療基金會 Cathay Medical Foundation


Establishment of ENT laboratory at Cathay Medical Research Center (CMRC)


()耳鼻喉科手術過程訓練 () 耳鼻喉科手術過程練習

(Left) Training for otolaryngology (“ENT”) surgical procedures. 

(Right) Practice of an otolaryngology (“ENT”) surgical procedure.

空中英語教室 Overseas Radio and Television


Youth activities and summer training of staff from the US



(Let & right) ORTV Youth Activities

臺東縣南迴健康促進關懷服務協會 The Association of South-Link Health Care Promotion for Taitung County


Establish bus service to bring tribe members to a center for medical and social services / student school transportation (for 2 years) and to aid elderly tribe members


(左)巴士服務啟動儀式 ()徐醫師-南迴部落地區醫療服務

(Left) Inauguration of bus service. (Right) South Link medical services for tribal area – Dr. Hsu

桃園青年使命團 Youth with a Mission


Purchase a vehicle for transportation for activities with youth in mountain areas and support recruitment of staff from the south Pacific


(左)島對島車輛服務 ()島對島部落表演

(Left) Car provided to I2I (island to island) (Right) Performance by I2I (island to island) troup

台北愛樂管弦樂團(3年)Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra (for 3 years)


Youth activities and general activities and concerts


(左)台北愛樂管弦樂團海外演出 ()弱勢孩童的音樂培養訓練

(Left) The Taipei Philharmonic Orchestra in a performance abroad (Right) Music training for disadvantaged children

伊甸基金會 Eden Social Welfare Foundation



In 2014, 2016 and 2017 purchase of equipment used for services to elderly in 2 locations and partial, initial funding for a modern day care center for elderly with dementia at a renovated primary school in Taitung.


(左)長者服務 ()提供高雄市杉林國小學童快樂早餐

(Left) Service to the elderly (Right) Provision of breakfast for children in Kaohsiung City Shan Lin Elementary School

陽光基金會 Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation


Support establishing services in a new location.

2017年額外支持 - 一個或多個發展提案,開拓其個人與2017年臉部平權日計劃服務

In June 2017 additional funding - for a project or projects to be developed to extend its services to individuals and for support  of the 2017 Face Equality Day Project - was provided to Sunshine by OFMA.


 (左)張力衣假人-燒燙傷或臉部手術後使用 ()臉部手術後醫療諮詢

(Left) Model with compression garments – used after burn or facial surgery (Right) Medical consultation after facial surgery

快樂學習協會 After School Association


Operation of classroom activities / services for disadvantaged children in TaiHsi (for 2 years)


A class at Tai Hsi

哈凱部落新家入住感恩會 The Association of Sustained Development of Hagay Tribe


Supplement government funds for building a new village (replacing a flood devastated village) for some 21 households of the tribe


(左)20137月哈凱部落舊的臨時村落 ()201411月時的新村落

(Left) Hagay tribe old-temporary village in July 2013 (Right) Hagay tribe - new village in November 2014

醫點通健康網 One Click Health (OCH) website


Design and operation of website providing articles explaining modern medical techniques and providing news on medical subjects

點通健康網官網 One Click Health Web

台灣破冰專業服務協會 Icebreaker


Partial support of annual budget, for aiding severely disabled persons to communicate


Sophisticated wheelchair for severely disabled

丁松青神父為清泉部落工程 Father Barry Martinson projects at Ching Chuan Village



Funds were provided by OFMA to cover all or a significant part of costs in 2016 for replacement/renovation of the households for residents in a mountain village and 2017 for further renovation of households and a shop, providing community gardens and a mural.


(左)清泉部落屋頂修繕工程 ()清泉部落藝術裝飾(由部落居民自籌)

(Left) Work to repair roof at Ching Chuan Village (Right) Artistic decoration of wall at Ching Chuan Village (self-provided by village residents)

國立臺灣師範大學附屬高級中學 High School of National Teachers University


Student iGem (genetic engineering) project and student participation in the international competition at MIT in 2016


(左)團隊參加2016iGEM會議之亞太平洋聚會 ()首獎贏家

(Left) Team attending Asia-Pacific Meetups for 2016 iGEM Conference (Right) Grand Prize winner, High School Track – at 2016 international iGem competition at MIT

國立中山大學 National Sun Yat Sen University


2016-2017 research project by graduate students on the effects of pharmaceutical contamination of public water supplies.


In the two-year period 8/2017 - 7/2019 carry-out a program, titled "Assessment of and Suggestions for Environmental Protection/Education in the Fields of Water, Air, and Soil Pollution in Southern Taiwan", of 4 additional projects of research  by graduate students.


(左)採樣地點的地圖 ()研究生們進行專案

(Left) Map of sampling sites etc (Right) Graduate students at work in the project

台北市名家兒童藝術推廣協會 Taipei Maestro Children’s Art Development Association (TMCADA)


Start-up funds


(左)由協會贊助的小提琴表演 ()協會官方網站 www.tmcada.org

(Left) Violin performance sponsored by the Association (Right)The official website of TMCADAwww.tmcada.org

社團法人台灣新滋識同盟 HIV Education And Research Taiwan (H.E.A.R.T.) Association


Start-up funds for the newly established association and its HIV testing and counseling program


Consultation during mobile testing

高雄市接納自閉症學會Kaohsiung Accept Autism Association


4 programs/projects in 2017 - 2019 related to autism: pre-employment training, teacher training, production of movie for understanding and social acceptance, production of an animation encouraging support by peers.


Start-up funds a pilot project of school-based bully intervention program featuring VR videos as main instructional media.

家庭日 Family Day


(左)APP頁面顯示各種訓練霸凌敏感度的VR影片 ()學生使用VR影像器材訓練

(Left) App page showing the various VR videos initially made for training in sensitivity to bullying (Right) Students using VR video headsets used in training

財團基督教更生團契 附設桃園市私立少年之家 Adolescents' Home, Taoyuan

支持大改樂團 - 106 年監獄傳愛圓夢巡迴計畫:大改樂團青年們協同創辦人張進益於台灣監獄巡迴的表演與演講

Big Change Orchestra's Touring Performance Plan of 2017 – Performances and speeches by youth from the Adolescents' Home , with Home founder (張進益) at penitentiaries etc. around Taiwan.

於台南監獄 At Tainan Penitentiary





A major portion of support for budget for after-school classes for disadvantaged children in a poor district of Ho Chi Minh City, for 2 years


(左)原課後照顧教室 ()孩童在教室照片

(Left) Original after-school classroom location (Right) Children in class

Project to improve medical treatment of blind and low vision students (for2 years)

藉由Grace Mishler(一位患弱視的美籍志工)監督和協助,檢測/治療視障和弱視學生

Examination/treatment of blind and low vision students, with the supervision and assistance of Grace Mishler, a devoted American volunteer with low vision


()三位接受視網膜剝離治療的學生 ()GraceXuan與合作夥伴Children's Hospital 1

(Left) Treatment for 3 siblings affected by retinal detachment. Siblings shown with Grace, Dr. Pham (American Eye Center) and Xuan, assistant to Grace 

(Right) Grace and Xuan with staff of collaborative partner, Childrens Hospital 1

Partage (a French-based international charity)





Rebuilding of 2-classroom kindergarten, kitchen, and grounds in a rural area

Construction of lavatories for a primary school in a rural area

Construction of 4 classrooms and lavatories to re-establish a primary school in a rural area

Uniforms for school children and training in sanitation for children and families


(左)在越南茶榮省的舊幼兒園由新的2間教室、學校場地/大門/圍籬和洗手間 (右)在巴地頭頓省的Kinh Moi Hamlet VI小學4間教室

(Left) Old kindergarten in Tra Vinh Province, replaced by new 2 classroom kindergarten, school grounds/gate/fence and lavatory 

(Right) 4 classrooms for Kinh Moi Hamlet VI primary school, at Tan Thanh District, Tan Thanh Province

Blind Center


    Purchase of computers for student use 

Habitat for Humanity – Vietnam


    Microfinance and grant programs for home construction and repair, WASH program for teaching home sanitation, development of training programs


(左)舊房子 (右)新房子 
(Left) An old house (Right)A new house

Fondacio Asia


    Sponsor several students participating in a program to train students to stimulate social work



    The organization provides wheelchairs for the disabled, eye surgeries, and scholarships for public school students -- for activities in 5 separate phases over a 3 year period.


(左)提供長者輪椅 (右)提供學童獎助學金 
(Left) Elderly provided wheelchairs (Right) Students provided scholarships

Saigon Childrens Charity (SCC, a British-based charity operating in Vietnam)


    Operation (for 2 years) of an English-teaching school for disadvantaged children in a poor area of Ho Chi Minh City and for scholarships for public school students

(左)教室場景 (右)註冊上課前訪視家人 
(Left)Classroom scene (Right) Visiting family before admission to class

World Wide Orphans (a US-based international charity)


   Establish initial "toy libraries" used in therapy for children with disabilities

(左和右) 孩子在圖書館使用玩具獲得療育 
(Left and right) Children receiving therapy using toys in library

Capacity Building and Support Center for Women and Children (CSWC)


    Start-up project for assisting disadvantaged children in Can Tho City


(左)兒童訓練課程 (右)與家長和社區成員討論兒童性騷擾防治 
(Left) A training session for children (Right) Discussion session with parents and community members regarding prevention of child sexual abuse

School Mates Alliance (SMAC)


    Initial project – building a shelter for bicycles at a school, scholarships for students

(左)完成自行車停車棚 (右)頒發獎助學金典禮 
(Left)Completed bicycle shelter (Right)Ceremony for awarding scholarships